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McDaniel Continues to Challenge Election Results (VIDEO)

JACKSON, Miss.- State Senator Chris McDaniel continues to fight the June 24 runoff election results and is now running against the clock to get his numbers in. Incumbent Senator Thad Cochran took the win against his challenger, Chris McDaniel. Once the results were announced, McDaniel claimed there were illegal crossover votes that determined the election, which is why he continues to fight the final outcome.

At Monday’s press conference McDaniel’s campaign lawyer Mitch Tyner said, “Today people trained on behalf of McDaniel’s campaign went into every courthouse in the state of Mississippi. They’re looking to see exactly how many illegal votes there are, including absentees, before a challenge will be made.”

They won’t have the results of a county by county review until late Monday night.

“As you know, there have been a lot of allegations, a lot of reports of voter fraud. There have been all types of calls coming into the campaign, coming into my law office and we’re following up on all of those leads and making sure that the integrity of this election is not compromised.”

Mississippi voters don’t register by party, but law bans people from voting in one party’s primary and the other party’s runoff in the same election cycle.

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