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MEMA Announces Free App and Alert System to Keep You Safe

PEARL, Miss. — “Wouldn’t it be great if we got to the point where we had hurricanes and tornadoes, and all we had was a bunch of junk to clean up – I mean the technology is there,” Those words from Mississippi Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) Director Robert Latham.

That technology is now reality with a new public information tools for your smartphone. Wednesday MEMA announced the creation of a new MEMA app to help you be more prepared for server weather and a Wireless Emergency Alert (WEA) system, which will text you in case of an emergency. Latham says the tools are all about keeping the individual prepared.

“And if they are prepared, we can save lives. The government is prepared to respond.”

The MEMA app is completely free to download from your mobile app store, and your tax dollars were spent for its creation, so you might as well download it. With the app you can get updates from MEMA, have access to weather radar, and see if there is server weather in your area. There is also a list of emergency contact info. You can even sign up for FEMA aid on the app. There is also information about the closest shelter near you.


The other public information tool  is the Wireless Emergency Alert system and it does not require you to download anything. Enabled smart phones will be able to get messages from government agencies about warnings in the area. The types of warnings you’ll be getting include extreme weather, local emergencies, presidential alerts, and amber alerts. Basically if you are in Lauderdale County and there is a tornado warning, every enabled cellphone will get the message.

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