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Mindless Mastermind, or Mind Games?


JACKSON, Miss. — Out of her mind; just not thinking clearly; insane to be more exact.  That’s the defense a woman will use to explain her master minding a plot to kidnap a 6-year old from her Kemper County school this past April.

Police say Jesse May Pollard wanted to use Jashayla Hopson as leverage in a land dispute with the girl’s mom, who’s also Pollard’s cousin.  Hopson was found in Enterprise, Miss. a day after being kidnapped.  She was not hurt.

Nearly a half dozen other defendants say they will plead guilty in court next week for their roles in the kidnapping.  Pollard’s son, former University of Alabama basketball player, Devonta Pollard is also facing charges in the case.  He is still planning on going to trial.  What defense he’ll use, is still not clear.

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