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Mississippi’s Haunted Past: History Can’t Stop Repeating Itself In These Homes

JACKSON, MIss– Mississippi has a haunted past, and sometimes the past becomes present when you hear that bump in the night. 

Bumps in the night. Moving shadows. Footsteps. It all comes out after dark in these historic places in Mississippi.

“We investigate claims of hauntings in private residences, businesses, and historical places in Mississippi,” says Brian Riley, founder of the Mississippi Paranormal Society.

There’s a few notable places that you’ve heard the stories about; Brian has been there and found the evidence.

“We use DVR floor cameras, photography, recorders,” Riley says they’re looking for EVPs, or electronic voice phenomena. That’s a voice captured on audio that may not have been audible otherwise.

“Duff Green Mansion, Magnolia Hall, Parkside Playhouse, King’s Tavern, Prentiss Club,” Riley lists those as the most active haunted places he’s seen in Mississippi.

“King’s Tavern was really active,” says Riley, “we caught an EVP of what sounded like a malicious tone of a spirit. But a lot of the historical places we’ve been haven’t had malicious activity.”

Riley and the Mississippi Paranormal Society are working with News Mississippi to investigate these haunted places through October.

Here’s what all Brian Riley had to say:

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