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Money For Mississippi–A Look At What’s Ahead

JACKSON, Miss– One of the topics for the upcoming legislative session is the state budget. It’s a slow growth, but things are looking up. 

Mississippi and money management. It’s a bullet point on  the agenda for the legislative session, but it’s not a simple process. The Governor has his plan for the budget, the legislators have theirs, and the then two meet to reach a budget compromise. Before all that happens, one must crunch the numbers to see how far the Magnolia State has come and how far it can go. That’s a job for State Economist Darren Webb.

“We see a three per cent growth in 2016,” says Webb. While that’s not a lot, Webb says it’s still more than the growth for 2015.

“It’s modest growth, but not as strong as we’ve seen historically,” says Webb.

Even still, growth is growth. But why the little growth here and there as opposed to stronger increase?

“We have a lot of needs in Mississippi, more than some other states,” says Webb.

Even though the three per cent could be seen by some as negligible, things are continuing to look up.

Webb says, “we have projections and the projections show for a gradually improving economy.”

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