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Mosquitoes in Mississippi: How to Mosquito-Proof Your Yard

JACKSON, Miss– Spring weather has you ready to take a walk in the yard, but the threat of West Nile has many people concerned. News Mississippi has learned how to help cut down on the mosquito population in your yard by choosing your plants wisely. 

“Anything with a citrus smell when torn or crushed,” says Steve Ward with Calloway’s Nursery, “will repel those mosquitos.”

Ward says lemongrass, lemon balm, and scented geraniums will repel the mosquitoes, but the range isn’t very large.

“You’ll want to plant those plants close to where you’ll be,” says Ward.

Lemongrass, lemon balm and geraniums can be planted now, as spring is the season for getting the yard and garden started. These plants are also helpful for the small spaces you may be limited to if you’re renting.

“Lemongrass, lemon balm and geraniums are all good for container planting,” says Ward.

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