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OHS Day 48: The Last Day of Week 13! (Ryno)

Coach put me through the ringer yesterday with the “Sinister 6”, and I found out today that he used the same workout on his basketball team, which challenged them just as much. That makes me feel a little better, about my progress, since the basketball team struggled to finish it out just like I did!

Today, Coach took me out to the Football field, and we played a game(of sorts) where I had to toss a medicine ball or a Center Mass Bell up and down the field. I call it a game, because Coach allowed me to shave off some yardage from my workout, if I could roll the Center Mass Bell within a yard or two of designated yard lines from the End Zone. After my first full 100 yard down-and-back, I managed to “bowl” well enough to skip an entire part of my workout!

Also, be sure to go check out the newest “Thursdays with Coach Kilgore”, as he shows off the Center Mass Bell!

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