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An Old Guitar: Making It Look Better, Play Better

JACKSON, Miss.–Find an old guitar in the attic? Maybe you bought one cheap at a pawn shop. Mississippi is full of them. An old Silvertone is what Mississippi Handyman Buddy Slowick found, and he’s giving it the TLC it needs to play and look better.

Slowick, a long-time musician, said having grime and dirt on the fret board can keep the strings nasty.

“I am going to take four four ought steel wool right to the fretboard,” he said, “just clean all the gunk off I possibly can. All the frets are dull and they need to be shiny and clean and that’s what four ought steel wool will do.”

He said to finish out the fretboard cleaning he uss lemon or wood oil, what seems like too much, so that it soaks in.

“Then I’m gonna treat all the wood on it with lemon oil.”

Listen to what Slowick says about cleaning an old guitar:

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