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Ole Miss Goal Post Torn Down, Carried Around Town, and Cut Up (AUDIO)

OXFORD, Miss. – Ole Miss faces $50,000 dollars in fines for rushing the field after Saturdays win over Alabama, and about $8,000 dollars to replace each of their goal posts. But seeing a group of students carry one of the goal posts out of the stadium, onto the grove, and around the square, that is pretty priceless.  

“All the posts were taken to the Grove Stage and someone took it over to one of our tents,” said Ole Miss Grad Student Buckner Corso. “All of us decided to pick up the post, and we walked about a mile down University Avenue, down to the square, and we took a lap around the square. There wasn’t traffic, but it was hilarious. Police just letting us go, right down the middle of the road. Everyone was cheering.”


Corso said they took the post back to his house that night. Sunday, Corso and his fellow rebs cut the goal post into pieces.

“We kind of gave it to everyone who helped carry it around. I kept one piece for myself and I saved two pieces that I’m going to try to give the Athletic Director Ross Bjork and then Coach Freeze.”




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