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How a Pair of Pantyhose could Save You Money on Heating

JACKSON, Miss. – Temperatures are starting to drop in Mississippi, and odds are you have already started to turn on the heat. But, keeping your house at a desired temperature could cost you more if your house is not properly insulated. One of the first places you may way to check to better shield yourself from the climate is all of your doors leading to the outside. If light is coming in along the edges, Mississippi Handyman Buddy Slowick says it is in your best interest to get those cracks sealed up.

“At home centers they make a door bottom, and they make three to four different kinds. There is one where you actually have to take the door off, because the door bottom actually wraps around the bottom of the door. It is probably the most difficult to use, but it is also the most effective,” said Slowick.

However, if spending money and doing manual labor is not your forte, Slowick has a simple “quick fix” solution.

“Honestly, one of the best things for the bottom of the door to stop the cold from coming in, is to take a lady’s nylon. Fill it with sand. Tie it up, and use it as a door bottom – the sand won’t leak out of it. Its flexible, it’s bendable, and it fits all the grooves and crevices under your door.”

The pantyhose abomination should provide enough insulation to keep the warm air in and the cool air out.

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