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Record Crops Expected in Mississippi: Will it Affect You?

JACKSON, Miss.–Mississippi farmers are set to see several records broken in 2013 for the agriculture industry.

According to agriculture economist John Michael Riley of Mississippi State University there are several reasons why this is happening.

“One reason is definitely technology,” said Riley. “Also MSU and our research arm is playing a role in producing new varieties that are more suited to Mississippi and also getting that information out to producers.”

Riley said this is a trend that they’ve seen coming for several years and 2012 was also another banner year.

“Soy beans are kind of our bell cow of row crops in the state,” he said. “It is on par with last year and down marginally because 2012 was a record year in regard to production and value.”

Because of its demand and price, corn has now become the second most planted crop in the state and it will produce the largest year ever in Mississippi.

“Another two we’re looking at for record yields are rice and cotton also,” said Riley.

He said nationally things are the same in many other states as far as record yields.

“We should be able to see some relief if all these big crops come to fruition,” Riley said. “We could very well see a slight relief at the retail level at the grocery store.”

The revenues that are generated by the producers will resonate through out many rural communities also Riley explained and that effect could be felt the most in Mississippi where the agriculture industry is a huge part of the economy.

John Michael Riley speaks on Mississippi crop production below.

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