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Removal of Judge Weisenberger from Madison County Courts upheld.

MADISON, Miss.- The motion to remove Judge Bill Weisenberger from the Madison County Justice Court was upheld by the Mississippi Supreme Court on Thursday.

The decision was made after Weisenberger plead guilty to simple assault after hitting a mentally disabled African-American man at the Canton flea market, along with using racial slurs in 2014.

After the complaint was filed in May 2014 against Weisenberger he was charged with three counts of judicial misconduct and as of August 2014 put himself on voluntary leave. He was later suspended and eventually defeated in the polls in January of 2016, however he denies that defeat.

After the recommendation to officially remove Weisenberger from office was made, the court then ordered him to pay close to $6,000 in costs and fined $1,000.

The state Supreme Court could not deny the evidence stacked against the former judge:

“The Commission found that Weisenberger had slapped [Eric] Rivers in the back of the head, had directed a racial slur at Rivers, and had told Rivers to run in a certain direction. This Court agrees that these allegations are supported by clear and convincing evidence.”

Weisenberger plead not guilty to his charges and was sentenced to probation, fined $500, and agreed not to seek a political office or job in law enforcement ever again.




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