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Rep. Snowden talks revenue, special session

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March and April boasted increased revenue numbers for the state of Mississippi, but Speaker Pro Tempore Greg Snowden said the celebrations shouldn’t start just yet.

“If you have one bad month or two bad months, you don’t panic, it is not a sign of some trend,” said Snowden. “And it works the same going the other way.”

Snowden said Mississippi is not alone when it comes to the ebb and flow in revenue and growth.

“The economy is improving, people are working, unemployment is low,” said Snowden. “But Mississippi and other states have continued to see low revenues even though the economy has improved.”

The state is no stranger to stagnant or cyclical revenue growth, as budget cuts had to be handed down to state agencies. Two agencies, the Mississippi Department of Transportation and Attorney General Jim Hood’s office did not get their budgets finalized in the last session. These were procedural mishaps, according to Snowden, who added that right now those are the only certain elements of the upcoming special session June 5th.

“The truth is, no one knows but Phil Bryant,” said Snowden. “Tate Reeves doesn’t know, Philip Gunn doesn’t know.. no member of legislature knows except for the governor.”

Snowden said speculation has stirred regarding other items that could make the agenda for the special session. First, Speaker Philip Gunn’s recommendations for setting a long-term solution for budgeting for the state’s roads and bridges could be on the docket.

“It is time we have that discussion, and there’s full support in the House,” said Snowden.

Secondly, there could be discussions of a state lottery in the special session.

“The governor is all for it,” said Snowden. “If the money is allocated towards roads and bridges.”

While the special session is set for June 5th, the call, or official agenda, has not yet been released. News Mississippi will continue to cover this story.

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