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Robert Gray: What He Wants for Mississippi, How He Plans to Campaign

JACKSON, MISS— Mississippi was left in shock and confusion when Robert Gray was named the Democratic party candidate for Governor Tuesday night. 

State media and voters alike were asking via social media “Who is Robert Gray?” inviting him to introduce himself to the voters.

But Gray didn’t see the calls, because he’s not on social media. Though Gray says he was surprised by the outcome of the election, he remained upbeat during the process.

“Something was saying to me the whole time that I was going to win the nomination,” says Gray, “people have told you I didn’t vote, I lost track of time. I would have been okay with either of my opponents.”

Gray is a truckdriver. His radio handle is SilentKnight. His only expenditure on his campaign so far has been on gas money to go to a rally, where he shook some hands. But now that Gray is in the limelight, he has to speak on the big issues.

“If people want to go on thinking we live in a perfect world and elect Governor Bryant that’s fine,” says Gray.

Gray spoke on the condition of Mississippi highways, education, and healthcare in Mississippi. Here’s the full audio with him:


While folks in Mississippi were shocked by the elusive candidate that made his way to the Democratic nomination, chairman of the Democratic Party of Mississippi Rickey Cole says he’s knows how Gray won.

“Having a name like ‘Robert Gray’ is like having a name like ‘John Smith,” says Cole. He adds that people saw that name, it stuck out, so they checked it and moved on with their local votes. Here’s everything Cole had to say about the new candidate:



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