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Severe Weather Preparedness: Know What to Do Before the Tornado Warning

JACKSON, MISS– This week is Spring Severe Weather Preparedness Week, and News Mississippi is working to prepare you ahead of what is potentially a very dangerous time for a weather state. 

Tornadoes can sweep across the state leaving a path of destruction. With a good warning and some preparation, you can prevent the loss of life.

“Know your plan before the bad weather starts,” says Butch Hammack with Emergency Management, “when you have a tornado warning in your area, you’ll want to get in a bathroom or hallway in the lowest, most central part of your home. Be ready to grab a mattress or pillow and hop in the bathtub.”

Hammack says these areas are the safest areas of a home.

“I’ve worked many storms and have seen the damage, and often, the only part of the house that is left is the center part of the house.”

The exception to this rule, of course, is in a mobile home.

“Mobile homes are a different animal,” says Hammack, “you’re better off finding another shelter, or getting in a ditch. The lower the place, the safer for you.”

Hammack says that while it is tempting to go pick up your children from school when there’s a tornado watch or warning, he says that’s not the best action to take.

“Your child’s school is built for that. They’ll be in the hallway and they have a protocol,” says Hammack, “it goes against your thinking, but stay where you are and take cover and trust the school.”

Hammack points out that Wesson Attendance Center suffered no injuries after their school was hit during an EF2 tornado two weeks ago. The children were in the hallway when the library and gym were damaged.

Have a plan in place before bad weather strikes, and go over that plan with your family often to keep them prepared. Hammack says there’s one other fail safe to be prepped for a potential storm.

“Have a weather radio, and have it programmed,” says Hammack, “they’re cheap, and programmed for your area.”

This week, News Mississippi is continuing to prepare you for severe weather. How to prepare for flooding here /flooding-how-to-prepare-how-to-hold-it-at-bay-and-when-to-evacuate/

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