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Sorority Takes Heat After Student Performs in “Black Face” Whoopi Goldberg Costume

CLEVELAND, Miss. — The Kappa Delta sorority at Delta State is taking some heat. While performing in a lip-syncing competition at their Delta Blues Homecoming,a white student dressed in “black face” as Whoopi Goldberg from the movie Sister Act and performed.

In a campus-wide email President Bill LaForge, who served as a judge for the event, said he thought the student was actually black and gave the group a standing ovation… until he found out later that was not the case. Since, LaForge said the school will not tolerate that kid of behavior and no one was informed of what was going to happen prior to the competition. He also said an investigation into the matter showed the group had no malicious intent behind the performance.

The students who performed will have to make a formal apology and write an apology letter that will be published in the campus newspaper. They will also have to take classes on diversity.

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