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State Sen. Chris McDaniel Considering US Senate

JACKSON, Miss. — State Senator Chris McDaniel from Ellisville says he’s considering running for the US Senate, but still no official word. The problem, it would be against fellow Republican Thad Cochran.

“He’s been there 41 years. He’s been there as long as I’ve been on this planet,” said McDaniel.

Recently McDaniel has not been too happy with congress.

“The people are starting to understand, that they are not listening. They don’t care to listen. They play these parliamentary games and ignore our will. That is something that has to change.”

Recently Republican lobbyist and former Gov. Haley Barbour’s cousin, Henry Barbour said he thinks McDaniel will get his head handed to him if he tries to run again Cochran and that would be what he deserves.

“That has no bearing on my decision what so ever. I’m going to do the right thing for the conservative movement, the right thing for Mississippi.”

McDaniel says it’s ultimately the people’s decision. If McDaniel does decide to run that election will be in 2014.

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