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Supreme Court Says Businesses Can Opt Out of Covering Contraceptives Under Religious Grounds

WASHINGTON — Businesses can choose to opt out of covering contraceptives for women if they have religious objection. That is the verdict from Monday morning’s decision from the U.S. Supreme Court. The justice’s 5-4 decision is the first time the high court has ruled that for profit businesses can hold religious views under federal law.   

The decision also mean jobs at four of Mississippi’s Hobby Lobbies may no longer be at risk. The store was one of the key players in prompting the court’s decision and they were evening willing to face fines that could have put them out of business to not cover birth control including the morning after pill required under new health care laws.

“Today’s victory under this unjust mandate is importation not just for families like the greens but for also for religious ministries and for all Americans who seek to live according to their consciousness,” said Hobby Lobby Lawyer Lori Windham.

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