Free Speech is Important on College Campuses

Mississippi Center for Public Policy CEO Jon Pritchett and Alliance Defending Freedom Attorney-at-Law Zack Pruitt join the conversation to discuss HB1200 “The FORUM Act” that would provide protections for students and faculty expressing their First Amendment Rights in public spaces on public college campuses. If you missed their conversation with Dave Hughes(filling in for JT … Continue reading “Free Speech is Important on College Campuses”

Rep. Stacey Wilkes on Activist Professors

Rep. Stacey Wilkes(MS District 108 – Pear River) stopped by the studio to discuss what the legislature can do to reign in some of these activist professors using their positions to stifle the free speech rights of Mississippi students on college campuses across the Magnolia State. If you missed their conversation, you can find it … Continue reading “Rep. Stacey Wilkes on Activist Professors”