Can your high schooler code under pressure?

The 5th C Spire Coding Challenge is getting underway this week in Mississippi. Approximately, 130 students from 33 schools in 24 different counties will come with no prep information beforehand.¬†Each year, the challenge is kept secret until the day of competition. Teams work with a C Spire mentor to flex their critical thinking and problem-solving … Continue reading “Can your high schooler code under pressure?”

Mississippi Coding Academies

Mississippi Coding Academies announced the graduation of its first cohort of computer programmer developers. The Jackson location graduated 11, and the Golden Triangle location graduated 9 new junior developers after their successful¬†completion of an 11-month, curriculum which began back in October 2017. Adrian McNeese, a recent graduate from the Jackson location joined Rebecca Turner on … Continue reading “Mississippi Coding Academies”