GalloShow: Will the case from the Culpable Podcast get a new trial?

  Haven’t heard of Culpable? The wildly popular podcast that tells the story surrounding the death of a young man from Meridian, Mississippi? What, have you been living under a ROCK? Hear from Lauderdale County District Attorney Kassie Coleman on the Gallo Show…

An Insider’s Look at the Events of the “Culpable” Podcast

Flip Weinberg(Former Assistant District Attorney – 10th Circuit Court District) joins the conversation to discuss the events surrounding the “Culpable”podcast retelling the events of Christian Andreacchio’s death, and if you missed his conversation with JT, you can find it here – A different take on the events surrounding the Culpable podcast on the #JTShow. Posted … Continue reading “An Insider’s Look at the Events of the “Culpable” Podcast”