Dr. Victor Sung on @TheJTShow

Dr. Victor Sung(Director of UAB’s Huntington’s Disease Clinic) joined the conversation with Dave Hughes on The JT Show to break down Huntington’s Disease in honor of May being Huntington’s Disease Awareness Month. He touches on the symptoms of the disease, how it is often perceived, and what you can do to support those living with … Continue reading “Dr. Victor Sung on @TheJTShow”

Senator Michael Watson on @TheJTShow

Senator Michael Watson(Mississippi Senate –  District 51) jumped into the discussion on the JT Show with Dave Hughes to explain why he signed on with Chairman Charles Busby’s letters concerning abuse of a special needs student and to break down what he hopes will be accomplished by his involvement on the matter. If you missed … Continue reading “Senator Michael Watson on @TheJTShow”

Director Alan Godfrey on @TheJTShow

Alan Godfrey, Director of the Mississippi Gaming Commission, joined the discussion to give some insight into what the MS Gaming Commission is doing to roll out sports betting in the Magnolia State. If you missed his conversation with Dave Hughes on the JT Show, you can find it here –

Chairman Charles Busby on @TheJTShow

Chairman Charles Busby(Mississippi Representative – District 11) joined the conversation to discuss how he is using his platform as an elected official to shine a light on what seems to be an ongoing problem in one of the state’s best schools. If you missed his conversation with Dave Hughes on the JT Show, you can … Continue reading “Chairman Charles Busby on @TheJTShow”

Gov. Phil Bryant on @TheJTShow

Governor Phil Bryant joined the conversation on the JT Show earlier to discuss supervisors from Jasper and Smith counties suing the Governor for what they say is overreach on his part in closing roads and bridges in their counties. If you missed his response, you can find it here –

MEMA Suggests Staying Home for New Years

Lee Smithson, the Executive Director for MEMA, stopped by the studio to discuss what you will need to know to be prepared for the cold weather coming into the Magnolia State this weekend. With the mercury dipping below freezing and potentially staying there for the majority of the New Year’s weekend, it is important to … Continue reading “MEMA Suggests Staying Home for New Years”

November is Diabetes Awareness Month

Diabetes is a disease that affects how the body produces or uses insulin, the peptide hormone responsible for breaking down sugar in the body, and November is National Diabetes Awareness Month. The human body is an amazingly resilient creation, and experts agree that many people that would be diagnosed with Diabetes often ignore or don’t … Continue reading “November is Diabetes Awareness Month”

Spooky Investigations on the JT Show

The Gulf Coast Paranormal investigators joined the conversation with Dave Hughes to talk about their work in trying to identify paranormal phenomena with scientific instruments and methodology. Dave loves this spooky stuff, so he was like a kid in a candy store talking to the investigators. You don’t want to miss it!