GalloShow: Ole Miss Chancellor Dr. Glenn Boyce on controversy of his appointment by IHL

Paul sat down with Dr. Glenn Boyce this morning to talk about the controversy around his appointment as the new Chancellor at the University of Mississippi, how he plans to move forward and how he plans on addressing the issues at the University. SEGMENT 1 SEGMENT 2 SEGMENT 3

GalloShow: Will the case from the Culpable Podcast get a new trial?

  Haven’t heard of Culpable? The wildly popular podcast that tells the story surrounding the death of a young man from Meridian, Mississippi? What, have you been living under a ROCK? Hear from Lauderdale County District Attorney Kassie Coleman on the Gallo Show…

Podcasting some ‘Mississippi Magic’ with @PaulGalloShow

SuperTalk Mississippi now has seven different podcasts. What’s a podcast? It’s a web-exclusive audio show that you can listen to online, whenever and wherever you want. Today – we launched Mississippi Magic with Paul Gallo and talked about it on The Gallo Radio Show.   So how do you download a podcast, where do you … Continue reading “Podcasting some ‘Mississippi Magic’ with @PaulGalloShow”

Over-the-counter Kratom affects the brain “just like heroin”

More than 100 people have overdosed on a supplement or herbal drug called Kratom. It’s from a tree that grows in tropical Asia and Dr. Scott Hambleton, from the Mississippi Physician Health Program, told Paul Gallo that it is an addictive substance that affects the brain “just like heroin”.

Lt. Gov. Reeves: Government needs to prioritize projects

Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves joined The Gallo Radio Show and talked about a shortened session, the lottery and gas taxes. Reeves says if we could set priorities for the government, we could fund what we need with the money that’s already coming in. Take a listen.

Paul Gallo puts Brandon Jones in the hot seat

Former State Legislator and Democrat PAC head, Brandon Jones, joined The Gallo Radio Show on Tuesday. Jones was asked about an overview on legislation passed during the just completed 2019 Legislative Session. His view of the Heartbeat Bill lead to an active discussion.

State Senator questions Jay Hughes’ campaign ethics

State Senator Angela Hill joined The Gallo Radio Show on SuperTalk Mississippi. She talked about Jay Hughes calling for the resignation of Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann while he runs for Lieutenant Governor – something Hughes is also campaigning for. Hill then shared how Hughes is campaigning, using his state letterhead which could be an … Continue reading “State Senator questions Jay Hughes’ campaign ethics”

Breaking Election News on The Gallo Radio Show

Friday morning on The Gallo Radio Show was a big one as Lt. Governor Tate Reeves announced he will run for Governor this year. Reeves also responded to the issue with Senate President Pro Tem and the third DUI arrest. Also today – Dick Hall drops a bombshell that he will┬ánot be running for another … Continue reading “Breaking Election News on The Gallo Radio Show”