Mississippi Gator Hunting

Bryan Burnside(Mississippi Alligator Hunter) takes off 10 days each year to practice procuring these prehistoric predator, and he stopped by the studio to discuss how he and his team hunted down a record-setting gator this season. If you missed his conversation with JT, you can find it here –

Mike McDowell – The Critter Catcher

Mike McDowell, the Critter Catcher, stopped by the studio to talk with JT about how you can shore up your home against an invasion of unwanted guests. From bats, rats, and racoons, Mike has experience removing just about any animal from your house or yard, and he shared some his expertise on the JT Show. … Continue reading “Mike McDowell – The Critter Catcher”

John Hardy Brought Some Critters to the Studio

John Hardy, an Aquarist from the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science, stopped by the studio to talk to JT about snakes and how to be safe with snakes in the great Mississippi Outdoors, but he brought along some reptilian buddies with him, including an Eastern Indigo snake and a juvenile Mississippi Alligator! JT even tricked … Continue reading “John Hardy Brought Some Critters to the Studio”