Mississippi Biologist Uncovering Kale’s Cancer-Killing Effects

Belhaven University’s Associate Professor of Biology Dr. Elizabeth Brandon and a team of student researchers are discovering foundational research toward a breakthrough in the fight against cancer. The University’s team is revealing preliminary data that shows a low concentration of kale juice can actually kill a type of liver cancer cell, called HepG2. “It’s a different way … Continue reading “Mississippi Biologist Uncovering Kale’s Cancer-Killing Effects”

Mississippi to start a produce prescription program

You’ve heard Hippocrates’ famous quote about letting food be your medicine and your medicine your food. While food shouldn’t take the place of meaningful-medications, there is truth to a diet rich in fruits and vegetables can help prevent the need for certain medications. CDC’s State Indicator Report on Fruits and vegetables, 2018, shows national and … Continue reading “Mississippi to start a produce prescription program”

Maternal Fetal Medicine Brings Care Team Together for Mothers, Babies

At UMMC’s Center for Maternal and Fetal Care, experts who treat mothers with risk factors including high blood pressure and diabetes, and neonatal and pediatric subspecialists who care for the most medically fragile babies in the state work together for the best outcomes for mothers and their newborns. Dr. Rachel Morris, an obstetrician with UMMC … Continue reading “Maternal Fetal Medicine Brings Care Team Together for Mothers, Babies”

Is it time for you to have a colonoscopy?

March is Colon Cancer Awareness month which focuses on the importance of screening with a colonoscopy. According to the American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, every year 136,000 new cases of colorectal cancer are diagnosed in the United States and 50,000 die from colorectal cancer. The statistics of this disease are unsettling because a colonoscopy could … Continue reading “Is it time for you to have a colonoscopy?”

Have you tried the Mediterranean Diet?

March is National Nutrition Month and Mississippians are more confused than ever about what to eat to achieve good health. While the hype around fad diets seems alluring, the recommendations typically aren’t based on science and the sources may not be credible. Registered dietitian, Mary Martin Nordness, with The Dairy Alliance, joined Rebecca Turner on Good Things … Continue reading “Have you tried the Mediterranean Diet?”