The Mysteries of Family Histories

Once upon a time, there was a man whose last name was carried by two wives and many children- and yet, he remained a mystery to the whole family. It wasn’t until a little down-home detective work by a curious great-great-granddaughter did the family puzzle piece found its place. Chances are your family tree has some … Continue reading “The Mysteries of Family Histories”

Cotton Blues: Mississippi Made

Cotton Blues is a casual family restaurant that is Mississippi made to its core. From investing in local people, locally sourced ingredients, and keeping it’s “New York Approved” cheesecake manufactured in the Magnolia State, Chris Ortego, owner, and founder, of Cotton Blues, believes in all that Mississippi has to offer his customers. When Jon Quinones … Continue reading “Cotton Blues: Mississippi Made”

Water Valley unofficially broke a Guinness World Record

During the 50th annual Water Valley Watermelon Carnival unofficially broke the Guinness World Record for the Largest Watermelon-Eating Contest with 754 participants competing simultaneously, beating the record set last year in Safety Harbor, Fla, with 259 participants.  Water Valley Chamber of Commerce spearheaded this endeavor and the community rallied around the idea of breaking a world … Continue reading “Water Valley unofficially broke a Guinness World Record”

Foster Children in Tupelo, Mississippi Kick-Off the New School Year with New-Kicks

Hannah Walker-Donelson understands the power a pair of shoes can have for students going back-to-school. She recognized some students in Tupelo don’t get to enjoy back-to-school shopping at no fault of their own and decided to help. At only 12-years-old, Hannah called on her family and the Tupelo community to help to provide 50 foster … Continue reading “Foster Children in Tupelo, Mississippi Kick-Off the New School Year with New-Kicks”

August heat can be risky for Mississippi student athletes

August is the deadliest month for student-athletes due to heat and hydration practices. Smart practices and awareness for student-athletes and parents can help save lives and make back-to-school sports safe and enjoyable. Dr. Chris Boston and Matthew Weisenberger with St. Dominic’s Sports Medicine joined Good Things with Rebecca Turner and offered their medical expertise to answer questions … Continue reading “August heat can be risky for Mississippi student athletes”

Good Things in Greenwood, Mississippi

Nestled 90 miles from Jackson, and 90 miles from Memphis, Greenwood, Mississippi is moving and shaking things up on Main Street. It took years of a collaborative effort, but downtown Greenwood has become a single, comprehensive, nationally registered historic district. This distinction opens Greenwood up to historic tax credits for renovation and more. Mayor of … Continue reading “Good Things in Greenwood, Mississippi”

Oxford Schools Carpool Karaoke into the New School Year

Oxford School District has taken the internet by storm with their carpool karaoke video. Taking time to enjoy the calm before the back-to-school storm, staff got together to have some fun to promote the start of a new school year. Oxford School District’s Communication Director, Heather, joined Rebecca Turner on Good Things to share the … Continue reading “Oxford Schools Carpool Karaoke into the New School Year”

Culinary Arts in Mississippi Public Schools

The MS Department of Education Office of Child Nutrition (OCN) coordinated its 2nd Junior Chef Competition in 2019.  It is a project that invites Mississippi public school students, through the culinary arts programs, to create a recipe that could be served in the school lunch programs that is student  friendly and follows USDA Nutrition Standards. … Continue reading “Culinary Arts in Mississippi Public Schools”

Jim Walley – Mississippi Forestry Expert

Jim Walley wouldn’t label himself a leading expert in forestry throughout the country, but his peers and former students don’t hesitate. Over 25 years, Jim trained countless people both at Jones Community Junior College and through his Continuing Education Training Programs for the past 21 summers. All together, he has collected 41 years of experience … Continue reading “Jim Walley – Mississippi Forestry Expert”

Business is “Da Bomb” for Mississippi Beauty Queen and Entrepreneur

Like any typical teenager, Morgan Tibbens thought her dad could have bought better tickets for a Carrie Underwood concert. After questioning her dad why they weren’t in the front row, Morgan’s dad respectfully suggested she get a job and pay for top-notch tickets. Unlike the typical teenager, Morgan took her dad seriously and set out … Continue reading “Business is “Da Bomb” for Mississippi Beauty Queen and Entrepreneur”

Mississippi Biologist Uncovering Kale’s Cancer-Killing Effects

Belhaven University’s Associate Professor of Biology Dr. Elizabeth Brandon and a team of student researchers are discovering foundational research toward a breakthrough in the fight against cancer. The University’s team is revealing preliminary data that shows a low concentration of kale juice can actually kill a type of liver cancer cell, called HepG2. “It’s a different way … Continue reading “Mississippi Biologist Uncovering Kale’s Cancer-Killing Effects”

Eligible Mississippians can get help with home energy bills

During the intense heat and bitter winters, our seniors and most vulnerable families can be left to make the tough choice between adequately cooling or heating their homes or other basic need necessities: food, gas, or medications. The Mississippi Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) provides financial assistance to eligible households to help pay … Continue reading “Eligible Mississippians can get help with home energy bills”