Business is “Da Bomb” for Mississippi Beauty Queen and Entrepreneur

Like any typical teenager, Morgan Tibbens thought her dad could have bought better tickets for a Carrie Underwood concert. After questioning her dad why they weren’t in the front row, Morgan’s dad respectfully suggested she get a job and pay for top-notch tickets. Unlike the typical teenager, Morgan took her dad seriously and set out … Continue reading “Business is “Da Bomb” for Mississippi Beauty Queen and Entrepreneur”

Mississippi Biologist Uncovering Kale’s Cancer-Killing Effects

Belhaven University’s Associate Professor of Biology Dr. Elizabeth Brandon and a team of student researchers are discovering foundational research toward a breakthrough in the fight against cancer. The University’s team is revealing preliminary data that shows a low concentration of kale juice can actually kill a type of liver cancer cell, called HepG2. “It’s a different way … Continue reading “Mississippi Biologist Uncovering Kale’s Cancer-Killing Effects”

Eligible Mississippians can get help with home energy bills

During the intense heat and bitter winters, our seniors and most vulnerable families can be left to make the tough choice between adequately cooling or heating their homes or other basic need necessities: food, gas, or medications. The Mississippi Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) provides financial assistance to eligible households to help pay … Continue reading “Eligible Mississippians can get help with home energy bills”

Pray Mississippi wants to come to your town

Pray Mississippi is a state-wide movement of prayer and fasting unifying hundreds of churches and tens of thousands of people strategically praying for every young person in the state of Mississippi. Patti Harrington, of FIREFLY Outreach, wants every school and student covered in prayer in all eighty-two counties in Mississippi. Patti joined Rebecca Turner on … Continue reading “Pray Mississippi wants to come to your town”

Mississippi to start a produce prescription program

You’ve heard Hippocrates’ famous quote about letting food be your medicine and your medicine your food. While food shouldn’t take the place of meaningful-medications, there is truth to a diet rich in fruits and vegetables can help prevent the need for certain medications. CDC’s State Indicator Report on Fruits and vegetables, 2018, shows national and … Continue reading “Mississippi to start a produce prescription program”

Learn the basics of coffee roasting in Mississippi

Chances are you wake up to a morning cup of coffee and never think about what went on behind the scenes to bring you a roasted cup of perfection. To the coffee roaster, countless hours of thought and tweaking in the kitchen goes into a quality cup of coffee. Kenneth Thomas, Umble Coffee’s Chief Coffee … Continue reading “Learn the basics of coffee roasting in Mississippi”

Martini, shaken or stirred: What do Mississippi gin makers say?

It’s been dubbed the Great Martini debate, thanks to James Bond. But when you ask the distilling experts, the reality is, as long as you have good gin, and a simple recipe, the rest is up to you. Friends and co-owners of Wonderbird Spirits, Chand Harlow, Rob Forster, and Thomas Alexander offer up martini advice … Continue reading “Martini, shaken or stirred: What do Mississippi gin makers say?”

Mississippi students get an opportunity for excellence

The Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science is Mississippi’s only public residential high school for academically gifted students and is located in Columbus, Mississippi on the campus of the Mississippi University for Women. Since opening it’s doors in 1988 it has been offering students an opportunity for excellence in education and setting the stage for … Continue reading “Mississippi students get an opportunity for excellence”

Picayune Dancers to Compete at the World Dance Championship

Twenty years ago, Tonya Barnum opened Center Stage School of Dance in Picayune, Mississippi in efforts to bring the art of dance to town. For the first time, she has had a team preparing to compete on a global stage. Annie Mae Kellar, Aly Klingenberger, Treasure Lacoste, and Heidi Wise have been dancing together for … Continue reading “Picayune Dancers to Compete at the World Dance Championship”

Grandma Green Completes UM Degree after 30-Year Break

There were quite a few cheers when Phyllis Green, of Oxford, walked across the stage to receive her bachelor’s degree in university studies during the University of Mississippi’s Commencement this summer. Green, 59, graduated from Byhalia High School in 1977 and attended Northwest Community College in Senatobia for two years. She transferred to UM, majoring … Continue reading “Grandma Green Completes UM Degree after 30-Year Break”

Maternal Fetal Medicine Brings Care Team Together for Mothers, Babies

At UMMC’s Center for Maternal and Fetal Care, experts who treat mothers with risk factors including high blood pressure and diabetes, and neonatal and pediatric subspecialists who care for the most medically fragile babies in the state work together for the best outcomes for mothers and their newborns. Dr. Rachel Morris, an obstetrician with UMMC … Continue reading “Maternal Fetal Medicine Brings Care Team Together for Mothers, Babies”

Mississippi church ministry provides 1,160 dresses

In 2011,  Highland Baptist Church in Meridian, Mississippi started a sewing club, that blossomed into a full-blown ministry. All ages, experience levels, and abilities come together to create handmade items for women and children in need. Their initial project was to provide dresses to children in Nicaragua & Guatemala. To date, they have sent around … Continue reading “Mississippi church ministry provides 1,160 dresses”