Hannah Donelson: Pre-Teen Missionary and Philanthropist

Hannah Donelson is a twelve-year-old missionary from Tupelo, Mississippi, who has answered the call to serve others. Since a young age, Hannah has pushed the boundaries of her parent’s comfort zone to serve overseas. She has been on missions to Africa, Peru, and other international countries, helping orphans and the homeless. Stateside, she also stays … Continue reading “Hannah Donelson: Pre-Teen Missionary and Philanthropist”

Buy grumpy, don’t be grumpy

Grumpy Man is a small business success story out of Purvis, Mississippi. For the past six years, founder, Nathan Sanford, has been creating whole food based salsas, jellies and more from scratch. ┬áNathan and his staff approached 2019 as a year of growth and expansion until life imploded their plans. Read More about Mississippi-Made Salsa … Continue reading “Buy grumpy, don’t be grumpy”

Offering families of addicts hope and help.

One major part of recovery that many rehabs are missing is the family of the addict in rehab. While in rehab the family of the addict continues to face life, and its challenges, minus the addict. Greg Bufkin has been in active recovery for over three years now and has come to understand the toll … Continue reading “Offering families of addicts hope and help.”