OHS Day 42: Active Recovery Day (Ryno)

Because I did so well(and pushed myself so hard) yesterday with the 200 rep workout, Coach Kilgore gave me an active recovery day, which simply means a less strenuous workout to help the body heal without your muscles and joints getting tight and stiff. My active recovery included a couple 5 minute rounds on the … Continue reading “OHS Day 42: Active Recovery Day (Ryno)”

OHS Day 41: 200 Reps Today! (Ryno)

Today, Coach Kilgore set up a workout circuit that had 10 stations, and I had to complete the circuit three times. When he broke it down, I would be trying to complete 210 reps total in the 3 circuit rounds, and I managed to finished 200 of those 210 expected reps! I continue to exceed … Continue reading “OHS Day 41: 200 Reps Today! (Ryno)”

OHS Day 40: Some Changes Coming for OHS! (Ryno)

You will want to stay tuned later this week, as Ryno takes over “Tuesdays with Coach Kilgore” and transforms it into “Thursdays with Coach Kilgore”! With only a few days left in the first phase of Operation Healthy State, I’m doing my best to shave off another few pounds, before Coach takes the intensity up … Continue reading “OHS Day 40: Some Changes Coming for OHS! (Ryno)”

OHS Day 39: Day 1 of Week 11! (Ryno)

Week 11 got started with a 4-round circuit, and I’m not trying to brag, but I killed it! I know part of it was the motivation to work off the fried foods I enjoyed during my trip to Nashville for the US Soccer match this weekend, but a big part of my ability to do … Continue reading “OHS Day 39: Day 1 of Week 11! (Ryno)”

OHS Day 38: I Said the Wrong Day in the Video (Ryno)

In my daily video diary, I said it was Day 37, but I was mistaken, and I didn’t realize it until just a second ago, so we’ll just act like I said Day 38. Sound good? Day 38 was an “active recovery” day that involved some light bike-time and a lot of stretching and foam … Continue reading “OHS Day 38: I Said the Wrong Day in the Video (Ryno)”

OHS Day 37: My First 5K! (Ryno)

I have a new found respect for runners that can complete a 5K without slowing up, like some of the competitors at the Watermelon 5K, but I have to say, walking in a 5K wasn’t THAT bad. Rebecca Turner, the host of Good Things on Supertalk from 2-3 PM each week day, set a pace … Continue reading “OHS Day 37: My First 5K! (Ryno)”

OHS Day 36: Winds of Change are Blowing (Ryno)

Some things are changing for Operation Healthy State, but have no fear, I will be your constant. In the 10th week of this fitness journey, I will take on something I never even considered a possibility. I am going to take on a 5K race. I won’t be running in it, but I will be … Continue reading “OHS Day 36: Winds of Change are Blowing (Ryno)”

Webisode 009: Operation Healthy State

In this week’s webisode: Rebecca Turner tackles those shake diets. Are they worth trying? What are the drawbacks? And how to use them effectively. Plus: How you can join the Operation Healthy State squad at the Farm Bureau Watermelon Classic. And just wait until the end – a watermelon ballerina dances into the shot….

OHS Day 35: Ryno pledges to take it all off

We got a little company this week during the boot camp at Millsaps College, and we were reminded of how we looked on week 1. (Although we’re pretty sure we looked way worse on week 1. Ryno even tossed his cookies twice that week.) In today’s video journal – Ryno promises to “take it all … Continue reading “OHS Day 35: Ryno pledges to take it all off”

OHS Day 34: Some Advice That Might Seem a Little Weird(Ryno)

Ryno battled tightness and soreness in his lower back all last week, and now he has some advice on how to combat that soreness. Now this advice may seem a little weird at first, but if you jump in with both feet and commit to working out and getting healthier, it will work. To alleviate … Continue reading “OHS Day 34: Some Advice That Might Seem a Little Weird(Ryno)”

OHS Day 33: Snacking Tip(Ryno)

Full disclosure. I make fun of Dawn for not knowing what day it is when we start shooting videos for Operation Healthy State, and I went and recorded a video where I said the wrong day. SO I waited until I got home to the “man-cave” to shoot my daily video diary, and I wanted … Continue reading “OHS Day 33: Snacking Tip(Ryno)”

OHS Day 33: Transitions (Dawn & Coach Kilgore)

I was able to go back to strength and conditioning training with Coach Kilgore and in this edition of “Tuesdays with Coach Kilgore,” you might notice something is missing! Coach shares our new phase of training, and the key ingredient to battling frustration when it rears its ugly head.