OHS Day 7: First Day on Our Own (Ryno)

Ryno and Dawn found themselves without a trainer, as Coach Kilgore took some much needed time away from the gym this week, but they managed to stay motivated and finish each workout just like they would for Coach Kilgore. Ryno had to push a little extra today to work off a salad that surprised him … Continue reading “OHS Day 7: First Day on Our Own (Ryno)”

OHS Day 7: Use what you have (Dawn)

We were on our own today for a workout and we ran into a little snag with one of the exercises we were supposed to do. No worries, though – we improvised using different equipment. But then, it was time for the dreaded bike/rower combo…. I have a love-hate relationship with it. I love when … Continue reading “OHS Day 7: Use what you have (Dawn)”

OHS Day 6: Today Was a Good Day (Ryno)

Ryno had his best workout yet(even better than yesterday), and he is surprised that he is seeing positive changes to his energy level this early in the Boot Camp. He also gives you a tip on how to handle eating breakfast if you want to work out early!

OHS Day 5: Week 2 Begins (Ryno)

Ryno finally seems to have figured out his body clock and a workable routine that led to his best workout of Boot Camp, so far. If you have trouble eating before a workout, maybe you should do like Ryno and hold off on eating(only hydrate well) before working out.

OHS Day 5: What’s golf got to do with it? (Dawn)

Coach Kilgore is pretty sneaky. He’s been training us using movements that we use in everyday life. It became clear to me last week as I played in a golf tournament for Millsaps College. Today was also not just #MotivationMonday, it was #MotownMonday  

OHS Day 4: Last Day of Week 1 (Ryno)

Ryno survived the first week of Boot Camp, and after getting a full night’s rest, he had a better time of the workout this morning. That didn’t stop him from losing out to Dawn in the Cardio Competition, and his attempt at a little “smack talk” fell short of the mark.

OHS Day 3: Sleep is important (Ryno)

Ryno is learning the hard way that running on 5 or 6 hours of sleep(or less) isn’t conducive to a healthy lifestyle. He has worked on moving his bedtime back from around 2 or 3 AM to 11:30PM last night, but he will have to do better for the Operation Healthy State Boot Camp!