The lies we tell ourselves

Taking on a physical challenge like a boot camp may not seem that life-changing. You might lose a few pounds, and get in better shape – but that’s it right? Not exactly. Three years ago, Fit4Change with Paul Lacoste Sports not only got me into shape, but it changed my life. And it all started … Continue reading “The lies we tell ourselves”

OHS: Get with the program

The Struggle Is Real. This is not just a clever hashtag or saying, it’s a real issue when you’ve set a big goal for yourself, but injury gets in the way. I was really struggling to get back into running this year after hurting my calves, but a sweet piece of advice by my running … Continue reading “OHS: Get with the program”

OHS: The only competition is yourself

I have a confession to make: I am incredibly competitive. Not sure when it was born inside of me, but I’ve always been competitive. I want to be first. I want to win! But the thing you have to learn on your going healthy journey is – your only competition is yourself. (As a recovering … Continue reading “OHS: The only competition is yourself”

OHS: Cross-training is the key to your running success

If you’re going to have a big goal – like train for a half marathon – you’re going to need to do more than just “go run”. There’s a system that helps make that running easier – it builds your endurance and helps your muscles recover faster. Coach Jeremy laughs at me as if this … Continue reading “OHS: Cross-training is the key to your running success”

OHS: Working out in a sauna

Did you feel that steaminess this morning? Shouldn’t it be fall? Why does it feel like August? Didn’t matter, we had a boot camp to get to and before the warmup was over, I was marinating in a pool of sweat. And it went downhill from there. But the good news is – all of … Continue reading “OHS: Working out in a sauna”

OHS: The scale finally cooperates!

I started Paul Lacoste Sports’ Fit4Jackson/Fit4Medicine program two weeks ago, and the first week was TOUGH! Everything hurt – even though I had been running, I hadn’t been weight training. After two weeks (with a day or two off for traveling), I feel much better. Stronger. Ready to kick up my half-marathon training this weekend. … Continue reading “OHS: The scale finally cooperates!”

OHS: Just keep going

I don’t know if it’s getting older or just being stubborn, but my mind thinks I can do all sorts of things – but my body won’t always cooperate. Day two of Paul Lacoste Sports boot camp was a challenge, and I’m already feeling muscles that I haven’t checked in with for a while.

OHS Day 50: The Last Day of Week 14! (Ryno)

Week 14 is a short week, cause Coach needs a vacation before football season gets kicked off, making his life much busier, but we ended the week with a little Tennis Golf. From the big painted M in the end zone of the football field, to the backstop of the softball field, we smacked tennis … Continue reading “OHS Day 50: The Last Day of Week 14! (Ryno)”

OHS Day 49: The First Day of Week 14! (Ryno)

The first day of Week 14 reminded me of a very important lesson I thought I’d learned early on in this Boot Camp. I ate a decent sized early lunch, but besides my grilled chicken sandwich and some steamed veggies, my body didn’t have enough fuel to perform at its best during my workout. Out … Continue reading “OHS Day 49: The First Day of Week 14! (Ryno)”

Thursdays w/ Coach Kilgore #2 – Center Mass Bells

You might’ve heard Ryno talking about Coach Kilgore’s new torture device/toy called the Center Mass Bell and how much he has grown to enjoy working with them, and now you get the chance to see just what in the world is a Center Mass Bell! Thursdays w/ Coach Kilgore #2 – "Center Mass Bells" On … Continue reading “Thursdays w/ Coach Kilgore #2 – Center Mass Bells”

OHS Day 48: The Last Day of Week 13! (Ryno)

Coach put me through the ringer yesterday with the “Sinister 6”, and I found out today that he used the same workout on his basketball team, which challenged them just as much. That makes me feel a little better, about my progress, since the basketball team struggled to finish it out just like I did! … Continue reading “OHS Day 48: The Last Day of Week 13! (Ryno)”

OHS Day 47: The Sinister 6 Kicked My Butt! (Ryno)

Coach found another use for his Center Mass Bells(which you will get to see him demonstrate them on “Thursday with Coach Kilgore” this week!), and he came up with the “Sinister 6” workout. It involved a circuit of 6 stations with 6 reps(sometimes 12, but I’ll explain), and you had to complete the circuit 6 … Continue reading “OHS Day 47: The Sinister 6 Kicked My Butt! (Ryno)”