Jambaghetti(or Pastalaya) from @TheJTShow

You’ve heard JT talk about his Jambaghetti before on The JT Show, and now he’s prepared to share his recipe with you so you can fix it up just in time for the Super Bowl! JAMBAGHETTI – JT Style 1 Rotisserie chicken(de-boned and pulled) 2 Quarts chicken broth 1 lb Spaghetti noodles(broken in half) 1lb … Continue reading “Jambaghetti(or Pastalaya) from @TheJTShow”

Eat Better, Eat Together

When is the last time your family sat down to a family meal together? The benefits of eating together as a family are numerous for children – from better grades in school, better communication skills, decreasing risky behaviors and better overall nutrition. Yet, despite these health benefits, only 30 percent of families make time to … Continue reading “Eat Better, Eat Together”

Fast and Flavorful Dinner Ideas

When asked why families don’t cook at home more often, the number one excuse given is TIME! It would appear that it takes a superhero to get a well balanced, well tasting, dinner on the table that doesn’t take hours to prepare.  Robert St. John, Executive Chef, Cookbook Author, and Restauranteur, joined us from Hattiesburg, to … Continue reading “Fast and Flavorful Dinner Ideas”