Mississippi restaurateur looks for seating capacity to be lifted

All restaurants in Mississippi have been granted the ability to reopen their dining areas at 50 percent capacity, but one of Mississippi’s most successful restaurateurs is hoping the capacity restriction will be lifted sooner rather than later. Robert St. John, who owns six restaurants and two bars, does not foresee the fifty percent capacity rule … Continue reading “Mississippi restaurateur looks for seating capacity to be lifted”

Fast and Flavorful Dinner Ideas

When asked why families don’t cook at home more often, the number one excuse given is TIME! It would appear that it takes a superhero to get a well balanced, well tasting, dinner on the table that doesn’t take hours to prepare.  Robert St. John, Executive Chef, Cookbook Author, and Restauranteur, joined us from Hattiesburg, to … Continue reading “Fast and Flavorful Dinner Ideas”

JT LIVE from Laurel!

The JT Show was LIVE from Mississippi Ag in Laurel, and JT was in his element. From playing around with a John Deere tractor’s air conditioning and sitting down with Laurel native and NFL Free-Agent Akeem Davis to talking food and football with Robert St. John and Jim Raspberry, JT said goodbye to the last … Continue reading “JT LIVE from Laurel!”