Fred Cannon on @TheJTShow

Fred Cannon, a Mississippi native that has been involved in the music industry since the 1950’s and worked with groups like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and Pink Floyd while they spent time in Europe, stopped by to sit down with JT to talk about their shared love for classic rock and to discuss Mr. … Continue reading “Fred Cannon on @TheJTShow”

Dr. Brandon Barton on @TheJTShow

Dr. Brandon Barton(Assistant Professor at Mississippi State University’s Department of Biological Sciences) joined the conversation by phone from the Great White North to discuss his work on a scientific study that Mississippi State recently released citing that Rock’n’Roll is, in fact, noise pollution. If you missed his conversation with JT, you can find it here –

Perez sits down with @TheJTShow

Perez, the world renowned radio man and producer of the Gallo Show, sat down with JT to take a walk down memory lane and discuss a little Rock’n’Roll. JT talked with Perez about a new study coming out of Mississippi State that confirms Rock’n’Roll IS noise pollution! If you missed his conversation with JT, you … Continue reading “Perez sits down with @TheJTShow”