Dr. Sung joins The Gallo Show to raise awareness for Huntington’s disease

May is Huntington’s Disease Awareness Month, and Dr. Victor Sung, who is the director of the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s (UAB) Huntington’s Disease Clinic, joined The Gallo Show today to talk about the seriousness of the disease. “Currently, there is no cure, but we understand a lot about the disease because of the genetics,” … Continue reading “Dr. Sung joins The Gallo Show to raise awareness for Huntington’s disease”

Dr. Victor Sung on @TheJTShow

Dr. Victor Sung(Director of UAB’s Huntington’s Disease Clinic) joined the conversation with Dave Hughes on The JT Show to break down Huntington’s Disease in honor of May being Huntington’s Disease Awareness Month. He touches on the symptoms of the disease, how it is often perceived, and what you can do to support those living with … Continue reading “Dr. Victor Sung on @TheJTShow”

Huntington’s Disease

A member of the Supertalk Family is doing everything she can to raise awareness of Huntington’s Disease research, and we want to help her in any way we can. Heather Thurgood is member of the Supertalk team in Brookhaven, and her husband Nathan was diagnosed with Huntington’s. If you aren’t familiar with Huntington’s, imagine ALS, … Continue reading “Huntington’s Disease”