Mississippi to start a produce prescription program

You’ve heard Hippocrates’ famous quote about letting food be your medicine and your medicine your food. While food shouldn’t take the place of meaningful-medications, there is truth to a diet rich in fruits and vegetables can help prevent the need for certain medications. CDC’s State Indicator Report on Fruits and vegetables, 2018, shows national and … Continue reading “Mississippi to start a produce prescription program”

Fresh Savings for Farmer’s Markets

If you’ve eaten today, you have a farmer to thank for that. One of the best places to get fresh from the Mississippi ground food is visiting your local farmer’s market! But, unfortunately, that’s not so easy for all Mississippians, with 1-5 struggling with food insecurity. Good Things guest, Erin Smith, with the AARP Foundation … Continue reading “Fresh Savings for Farmer’s Markets”

Cottage Food Law in Mississippi

Have you ever been told you should sale your family’s recipe for baked goods, canned goods, trail mixes, or jams and jellies? Now you can! Mississippi’s cottage food law allows small town, at home entrepreneurs package for sale their family’s flavors that make Mississippi tasty. One Mississippi woman, Lise Foy, used the Cottage Food Law … Continue reading “Cottage Food Law in Mississippi”