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Taylor Machine Works honored by POTUS and GOV

Photo courtesy of Governor Phil Bryant

Taylor Machine Works, a privately held manufacturer of industrial lift trucks received a surprising phone call recently.

It was from the White House.

“We were a little surprised when we got the call, the call came in from the white house,” said Lex Taylor Chairman and CEO of Taylor Group. “We had to do a little background check and double checking to make sure that it wasn’t a prank. It turns out, no it’s not. It was something that the president wanted to do to kick off Made in America Week.”

It was a quick request by the white house, but Taylor says they are thankful they were able to have a piece of their equipment featured.

The president asked for an american made product from each state to be exhibited on the south lawn of the white house.

“With the help of our dealer in the area, we had a machine at the smithsonian on rent, and it was relatively new machine and in good shape,” said Taylor.  “So instead of having to ship a machine all of the way from Mississippi to DC, we were able to clean it up with not too much work and drive it four blocks to the White House.”

Taylor Machine Works, located in Louisville, Mississippi, was started by W.A. Taylor Sr. in 1927. The company will celebrate its 90th birthday this year.

“We are behind the factory wall or the factory fence, where the common man would not necessarily see our products on a daily basis,” said Taylor. He continued, “We are in all the industries, we are not tied to just one industry, just tied to lumber or steel,” said Taylor. We are available to all industries and so it is very versatile in the products and the markets that we serve.”

In conjunction with President Trump’s Made in America Week, Governor Phil Bryant is celebrating Made in Mississippi Week.

Governor Bryant highlighted Taylor Machine Works on social media to kick off the week.

“Mississippi’s business-friendly environment and our commitment to providing companies an atmosphere where they can not only do business, but thrive, has produced results time and again,” Gov. Bryant said. “We appreciate the companies that choose Mississippi, and we will continue working with our partners to demonstrate why this state is a great place to call home. Our workforce proves each day why ‘Made in America, perfected in Mississippi’ is true.”


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