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Teaching Police How to Battle Human Trafficking


PEARL, Miss. — This one may be hard for you to imagine but, “In reality, what’s happening here in our own area is that women and children here are being sold for sex,” said Center for Violence Prevention Executive Director Sandy Middleton.

The big reason it’s a growing national problem, “it’s profitable,” she explained.

Human Trafficking isn’t new in Mississippi,” echoed Special Assistant Attorney General Heather Wagner.  “What’s new in Mississippi is the changes in our laws.”

Middleton and Wagner are helping to train law enforcement about the new laws and how to work with other groups to identify victims of human trafficking.  “They are learning the basics, explained Wagner.  “What tools the traffickers use to lure their victims.  What tools they use to keep their victims enslaved.  What are the changes in the law?  What services are out there for victims of trafficking?”

The three-day training is being held at the Mississippi Law Enforcement Officers Training Academy in Pearl

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