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Tips to keep in mind for the holiday season

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As we enter the holiday season, the Brandon Police Department wants to remind you of some holiday safety tips that apply to everyone in Mississippi.

They said although they have not seen an increase in reported package thefts, this is the time of year they see a spike in this type of crime. It is recommended that you carefully track your packages and that someone be home during the time of the anticipated delivery.

It is also important to lock your car doors, especially if you have gifts or other valuables stored inside. They recommend you remove any valuables from your vehicle, or at least keep them out of sight. 

During the school Christmas holidays, they also see a spike in crimes committed by juveniles and nuisance complaints on juveniles. Some of these are the ringing of door bells and running, destruction or theft of outside Christmas decorations and walking or riding bicycles in the road blocking or obstructing traffic. They said to please keep track of your kids and know what they are doing.

It is also important to remember that many will have guests during the holidays, which often causes parking issues. They said to please remember it is against their city ordinance to park in the road overnight. If you live in another city, check to see what their rules are about parking on the streets. Keeping this in mind, if you have overnight guests, make sure there is room in the driveway or a nearby parking lot.

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