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Trying to put a Stop to this Party Down South

OCEAN SPRINGS, Miss.- Tuesday the Board of Aldermen in Oceans Springs approved a resolution asking producers of the CMT reality show “Party Down South” to film somewhere else.

The folks who want the show to go are afraid that it may paint the city in a negative light, while others think it could have a positive impact on the city’s economy.

Many who don’t want the popular CMT reality TV show taping their third season in the South Mississippi town have tried to petition against it. They say out of control party people jumping on tables, yelling and using vulgar language in public places, isn’t the image they want portrayed of their quiet artsy town. 

Mayor Connie Moran said in a Facebook post, there isn’t much the city can do to keep the producers out of the city.  “Film and TV producers have the constitutional right to film on our public right-of-ways, sidewalks, beach, etc.” Moran wrote,  “As you are aware, the City cannot dictate or censor content of file or journalism stories.  (It’s that freedom of speech thing.)  Police could arrest them if they break the law of course.”

Producers have not offered any money for their work in Ocean Springs, but the extra business generated from the show’s crews, who eat and rent rooms in the city, would be a boost to the economy. 


Now, legally, the resolution can’t do anything and it is likely the show will still go on. Unless something changes, the “Party Down South” taping in Ocean Springs is scheduled to begin June 19


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