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Tuesday weather rundown 7-25-17: Thunderstorms spread across state

Courtesy of Telesouth Communications Inc

North Mississippi riding out a few overnight thunderstorms this morning, with more expected throughout the rest of your Tuesday. You’re also looking at highs in the lower 90s. Extreme heat is expected as you roll into the midweek, with highs pushing into the upper 90s across north Mississippi. Things should take a dip for your weekend, though.

Across the central part of the state, scattered showers fizzling out this morning, but look for more to crop up later today: about a 50% coverage. Highs working toward the lower 90s across the area, with more heat on the menu for tomorrow. The most extreme heat indices across the state will range from 100 to around 110 in some places.

South Mississippi working through scattered overnight storms as well. Your Tuesday looks to be a wet one as more rain and thunder rolls into the area. Your high flirting with the 90 degree mark today and pushing into the lower- to mid- 90s tomorrow.

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