What you need to know before getting on a bicycle this summer

May is National Bicycle Month and as we close in on the “unofficial” start to summer – Memorial Day – many of us will be getting those bicycles out of storage for a fun ride outside. But before you start pedaling… when was the last time you brushed up on your bike safety? Do you … Continue reading “What you need to know before getting on a bicycle this summer”

Mythbusting: Hemp won’t get you high

Industrial hemp is no longer considered a “controlled substance” under the Farm Bill signed into law in December. That means farmers across the country can “produce a high-value cash crop while retaining federal farm program benefits that were previously not allowed.” There has long been confusion between hemp and its sister marijuana. They’re both varieties … Continue reading “Mythbusting: Hemp won’t get you high”

#MississippiMeatMadness #Meat16 Bracket

If you would like to print out your very own copy of our #Meat16 bracket for #MSMeatMadness, just click the link below and you’re all set! If you haven’t taken part in our #MississippiMeatMadness, all you have to do is check @theJTShow on Twitter every day(until we have a Winner) and vote for your choice … Continue reading “#MississippiMeatMadness #Meat16 Bracket”

Ryno’s “Aluminum Overcast” Flight

I had the opportunity to touch a piece of history, and unexpectedly, history seemed to reach through the years and touch me in ways a history class or Hollywood movie never could. When I loaded up in one of the final dozen or so B-17 Bombers still capable of flying, I was allowed to explore … Continue reading “Ryno’s “Aluminum Overcast” Flight”