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UMMC Researchers Dissect Chicken Nugget

JACKSON, Miss. – It’s not exactly curing aids, but University of Mississippi Medical Center has put out some new research showing what you are getting when you bite into a chicken nugget. Researcher Dr. Richard Deshazo said his main concern was not what was it in, but how much fat was in it.

“My grandkids are addicted to these things,” said Deshazo. “This is a personal thing to me, my whole family has trouble with weight. We know fat kids end up being fat adults, and we know fat adults get diabetes, and fat adults live 7 years less than normal weight adults.”

For the research, chicken nuggets were ordered from two major fast food chains in the Jackson area. The samples were taken to a clinical pathologist, the nuggets were dissected, and a variation of dyes were applied to detect exactly what the contents were.

Nearly half of the nugget was not meat, just a mixture of fat, and bits and pieces of bone, cartilage, skin, and other stuff.

As for where the chicken nuggets were from, Deshazo would not say. “I promised not to identify the restaurant so I wouldn’t get my house blown up, or car shot down.”

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