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Vegas odds maker says Trump was the best bet from day 1

JACKSON, Miss.- The votes are in and Donald Trump has taken the win for the 2016 presidential election against Democrat Hillary Clinton.While many Americans were shocked at Trump’s dramatic lead, one man was not: Vegas odds maker Wayne Allyn Root. He was the only national commentator that said Trump would take the win in a Brexit-like victory since day one.

(Brexit is the recent split of Britain from the European Union.)

While most polls showed Hillary leading by at least 13 points, Root disagreed.

“The odds on the morning of the Brexit election were 1-4. Guess what? The odds against Trump were the exact same on Tuesday morning,” said Root.

In fact, Root told Trump just days before the election that he would win by 10 points at least.

Root’s comparison with Brexit comes from several different angles mostly revolving around media similarities in Great Britain and the United States.

“There are such amazing parallels. First of all the entire British press and every establishment of both parties were all against Brexit, but they won anyway,” said Root. “Just like everyone was against Trump and all the money was going to Hillary but Trump won anyway.”

Another similarity was when Goldman Sachs, a global investment company, came out against Donald Trump, just as they did with Brexit claiming that this was a completely different situation.

“They issued a press release saying this couldn’t be Brexit because Donald was double digits behind, whereas Brexit was only 4 points behind. They were responding directly to me, because I was the only one saying Donald was only a few points behind,” said Root.

Root said all the big money was on Brexit, just as it was for Hillary’s campaign, however it was the little guys in the U.S. and in Britain who were betting for the opposite of what the high dollars were rolling towards.

Hindsight showed that Hillary was likely to see the majority support from African-Americans, Hispanics, and other minority groups, the numbers didn’t seem to add up in her favor.

It was Root’s prediction that this would be an election with the largest white turnout in history and the lowest black turnout in years.

That poses the question, why wouldn’t African-Americans come out to vote?

“Less blacks will come out because black people don’t like Hillary, and I was right,” said Root.

Root also thinks that the distaste for the Secretary of State spans further than that.

“I mean let’s be real nobody really likes Hillary, Bill doesn’t even like Hillary. Come on let’s not kid ourselves, he could spend the rest of his life not seeing her again and be the happiest guy in the world.”

The election has been won, but now comes the real work according to Root. He stands by the mentality that Trump was elected because the majority of the American people think he is going to be a man of his word, so now, said Root, it’s time to own up.

“The first thing you have to do, you said you’d build a will so you’ve got to build a wall,” said Root, who also has a plan on how to do that. “Everyone says there’s no money for it, I don’t agree, but let’s do it my way. Just ask the American people to  each contribute one-hundred dollars for a brick with their name on it.”

Root said out of the 60 million or so who voted for Trump he would guess at least 20-30 million would happily donate. He then said to move on to corporate sponsorship, and in no time, the wall would be built. He said the money that money left over should then go to repair lower income neighborhoods.

The goal is to continue keeping Republicans in office for as long as possible, according to Root. He said the way to do that now is to mend fences with the black and Hispanic communities and show them that the conservative side really does care about them.

But still the question is how–how did Trump win? Was he always in the lead and the polls got it wrong, or was it something bigger than Trump or Hillary?

Root believed it all came down to healthcare.

“When people ask me,’Why did Donald win?’ that is the main reason, it’s Obamacare,” said Root.”At the very moment I thought Donald was going to fade the Obama administration announced that premiums were going up 25 percent.”

Donald Trump has been very outspoken in his opinion that health insurance should be purchased the same way any insurance is purchased and done based on an individual’s preference, not a government mandated system.

Trump will be sworn in as the 45th president of the United States on January 20, 2017.

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