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329 new bills to become law today

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While lawmakers failed to pass key education and infrastructure bills during the 2018 legislative session, they were able to pass 329 bills that will go into effect today, July 1st, 2018.

Ranging from bills about medicaid to driving laws, these new laws are sure to affect Mississippians across the state. Find out below which ones might affect you.

Income tax:

  • SB2194 provides that Mississippi community colleges and junior colleges may request that a debtor’s income tax refund may be intercepted or offset to apply toward the debt.

Motor vehicle:

  • SB2209 authorizes additional distinctive license plates.
  • SB2277 requires that a motor vehicle with a salvage certificate of title may not receive a clear title but only a branded title.
  • SB2629 defines an autocycle as a 3-wheeled motorcycle with a steering wheel, non-straddle seating, rollover protection and seat belts.
  • HB325 is the failure to have mandatory motor vehicle liability insurance will now be a criminal offense instead of a civil violation.
  • HB1202, The Kaelin Kerch Act, will require that any operator of an emergency vehicle must use the vehicle’s blinking or rotating lights when traveling at a speed faster than 30 miles per hour over the speed limit.
  • HB80, Move Over Law, prohibits motor vehicles from continually traveling in the outermost left lane of a highway that allows for two or more lanes to travel in the same direction.


  • HB192 states that the transport of unopened beer and light wine on state and federal highways in dry areas of the state will not be allowed. Municipalities that have voted to permit the sale and consumption of alcohol will also be able to establish leisure and recreation districts, which will allow consumers to walk from place to place with alcohol within designated.
  • HB415 provides that the clubhouse and associated 18-hole golf course located in the city limits of Brookhaven is a qualified resort area.
  • HB840 reates an ABC permit for a common carrier certified to carry at least 150 passengers or provide overnight accommodations for at least 50 passengers.  The vessel shall operate primarily in the waters south of the three Coast Counties, or on the Mississippi River, or on other navigable waters within any county bordering the Mississippi River.
  • HB995 creates a Distillery Retail Permit that allows legal distilleries operating in Mississippi to sell by the bottle for off-premises consumption.
  • SB2588 allows any municipality that is wet for alcoholic beverages to establish a leisure recreation district (go-cup district.)
  • SB2618 establishes new qualified resort areas located in the Reservoir Community District; or on land of at least 200 contiguous acres with planned residential development adjacent to a golf course and within 1 mile of a state university/college; or a hotel/restaurant located on a campus operated by third party who receives all income from alcohol and food.   The bill also prohibits the establishment of a resort within 2 miles of a convent or monastery in Pike County.


  • SB2132 provides sales tax exemption for admissions to events sponsored by and held on property controlled by a municipality; however, a municipality may require the collection of the tax through adoption of an ordinance and notification to the Department of Revenue.
  • SB2754 makes it a felony to manufacture, sell, purchase, install, update, repair, service use or otherwise possess automated sales suppression devices and provides for a fine of up to $100,000 and/or up to 15 years imprisonment. SB2998 provides an exemption from sales tax for rotary wing aircraft if exported outside this state within 48 hours of sale.


  • HB1217 provides ad valorem tax exemptions for business and residential renovation districts within municipalities.
  • SB2479 reduces the amount of a project eligible to enter a fee-in-lieu ad valorem tax agreement with local government taxing jurisdictions.


  • HB1510 is the most restrictive abortion law in the country. It prohibits an abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy.
  • HB709, Prescription Drugs Consumer Affordable Alternative Payment Options, allows pharmacists to provide additional information to patients about affordable options for medication.
  • SB2836 deletes the annual limit on physician visits, home health service visits and the monthly prescription limit. It will also provide reimbursement  for treatment for those experiencing opioid dependency, provide payment options for rural hospitals and reimbursements for OB/GYNs and psychiatrists.
  • HB1014, Palliative Care, will create a facility for children who require live-in care at a hospital. It will house up to 30 patients with over 30,000 square feet of patient care and related support space.


  • HB1649 states that bonds for this year total $250 million and will go toward the Local System Bridge Repair and Rehabilitation Program (LSBP), universities and community colleges, Ingalls, the Department of Finance and Administration and a loan program to assist small cities and counties with water and sewer projects.


  • SB2043 is legislation to address the concerns of veterans will remove the prohibition that county veteran service officers may not hold additional elected or appointed positions.
  • SB2644 allows the excutive of deputy director os the State Veterans Affairs Board to be an active member of the Armed Forces.
  • SB2459 expanded reemployment protections for military servicemen and veterans with a law that will ensure that a service member or veteran be restored to his or her previous position after returning from training with the Armed Forces in another state.


  • SB2934 penalties increased for any person that owns, possesses, buys, sells, transfers or manufactures paraphernalia for the purpose of dog fighting. The bill sets the maximum penalty for dog fighting at a fine of $10,000 or 10 years in the State Penitentiary.


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