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A History of Animal Cruelty

JACKSON, Miss. — Animal abuse in Mississippi, it seems there has been a lot of it in the recent months. The website PET-AB– has an extensive history of what we’ve been seeing over the past year in the state.

Some of the worst ones include an incident back in March where over 100 dogs were living in bad conditions in Stone County, dozens of them were found dead in trash bags left on the porch of the house they were at. Also in March 20 pit bulls were seized in Ashland in a dog-fighting ring, and in February two dozen fighting pit bulls were seized in Utica.

Incidents go further back. One of the saddest was in 2011 where 50 dead dogs and cats were dumped into creek in Baldwyn. Some of them were shot and no one ever found out who did it.

If you have animal abuse you ant to report, PET-AB– is probably a good place to start.

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