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A Mississippi Netflix original star leaves for Alabama job

EAST MISSISSIPPI- The star of Netflix’s original series, “Last Chance U,” Brittany Wagner has left the show and East Mississippi to pursue a job in Birmingham, Alabama. 

However, she is staying with a Mississippi based food chain, Newks. The company announced that Wagner would be joining their team in Birmingham as the new Director of Marketing and Sales.

“Crazy how it all came about, it wasn’t something I was looking to do,” said Wagner. “It kind of just fell in my lap.”

Wagner said she was pursued by the CEO and investors who happened to be fans of the show. After a chance meeting Wagner said she was presented with an offer that she couldn’t refuse.

“I think I knew after season 1 of Last Chance U that it was probably time for me to go, but I felt kind of obligated to film season 2,” said Wagner.

Wagner has spent eight years with East Mississippi Community College and in her public comment on leaving the school she expressed her gratitude for the opportunity and how her work with the athletes there made her a better person.

“Being the age that I am, being single and having a daughter, I just felt it was probably time to think about moving on and I think this will be a good transition and step away from athletics,” said Wagner.

Wagner expressed her excitement in working for a hot and up and coming Mississippi company that is very community oriented and expanding.

Wagner said she still hopes to continue working in athletics through the move to Birmingham.

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