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A Petition Surfaces to Increase Animal Cruelty Laws

Animal lovers, and animal rights activists all across the state are pushing for the Mississippi Legislature to amend cat and dog protection laws.

They are asking for an amendment to 97-41-16 The Dog and Cat Protection Law of 2011. It would address the protection of cats and dogs from cruelty and death.

Those who sign the petition believe that individuals who will harm or kill animals are more likely to commit crimes against humans as well. They believe law enforcement could be equip to not only handle crimes of citizens but violence against animals as well.

The current law is noted as the second weakest in the country.

The FBI is in support of the recommendations to the current law that would include animal cruelty crimes within the Uniform Crime Report – National Incident Based Reporting System which will allow law enforcement to understand and better prevent these crimes from happening.

It would be effective in 2015, that animal cruelty crimes would be considered a crime against society and a “Type A” offense with four categories: simple/gross neglect, intentional abuse and torture, organized abuse and animal sexual abuse. They would receive their own category of reporting such as other major offenses like murder and assault.

With meaningful penalties for animal cruelty people are hoping they can deter some of this violent behavior towards cats and dogs specifically.

If you would like to read the full petition, or vote toward seeing a change in legislature you can visit the link listed below.

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