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Administrative Assistant of Meridian Community College Told to Payback Thousands

JACKSON, Miss. – State Auditor Special Agents have arrested former Administrative Assistant of Meridian Community College, Sandra Gail Young, after a Lauderdale County Grand Jury indicted Young on embezzlement charges.


Young has also been served with a demand in the amount of $202,919.72. This amount represents funds misappropriated by Young during the time period of August 2008 through February of 2015.

“As soon as our staff at MCC detected the unaccounted for funds, we immediately notified the State Auditor’s Office and local authorities,” said MCC President Dr. Scott Elliot.  “Our staff thereafter worked tirelessly with the Auditor’s Office to conduct a thorough investigation of the matter in an effort to determine the total amount of missing funds to the extent our records allowed, as well as identifying any responsible parties.”

“Throughout this investigation, Meridian Community College has been completely transparent and cooperative,” said State Auditor Stacey Pickering.  “Thanks to the leadership of Dr. Elliot and his staff, as well as our investigators, restitution will be made and this crime will not go unpunished.”

According to the State Auditors office, Young used her position and influence as administrative assistant to create and submit false documents which allowed her to embezzle public funds from her employer, Meridian Community College.

Young was a full-time employee of MCC from 1990 until February of this year.

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