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Ashley Madison in Mississippi: What You Can Do If Your Spouse is on the List

JACKSON, MISS— The list is making rounds across Facebook. And maybe your husband or wife is on it. 

The list of Ashley Madison users in Mississippi is complete with email addresses, names, addresses, and the amount of money they spent on the site that is set to help you have an affair, or at least meet someone with that goal in mind.

Over two thousand people’s names and information are out in the public. This means over two thousand families now have dirty laundry in the public.

“It’s a lot of raw information that’s out there for everyone to see,” says Matt Taylor, Family Pastor at Brookhaven First Assembly, “and it’s not fair for the public to see the personal business of these relationships, these couples.”

Taylor says that because of this leak, a lot of couples are now asking big questions about the future, like “what do we do now?” or “what about the kids?” The anger, Taylor says, is valid, and it may have couples leaning toward divorce.

“Of course everyone has a right to be angry, everyone has a right to be upset,” says Taylor, “but I think, working through this, there’s a potential for greater good.”

Taylor says divorce in the Bible is spoken against, but when it comes to infidelity, couples are “free” to get divorced if that is what needs to be done. However, Taylor adds that divorce is an option, but maybe not the answer.

“I don’t think people can be pointed at fault for the relationship headed that direction,” says Taylor, “but I would first and foremost, before heading that route, try a restoration.”

Taylor says that if that is the route a couple chooses, they should speak with a counselor, establish communication, and determine how each one can meet the other’s needs.

“Before making any life altering decision,” says Taylor, “go seek counseling. Go talk about it.”

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